Intel Aims to Dominate Affordable CPU Market Against AMD: Core i3-14100 Spotted at 109 Euros

Intel Aims to Dominate Affordable CPU Market Against AMD: Core i3-14100 Spotted at 109 Euros

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Intel quiere llevarse el mercado de las CPU baratas frente a AMD: el Core i3-14100 visto a 109 euros

Considering the current high prices of CPUs, many users are choosing to spend their money on high-end GPUs with mid-range CPUs to play at 4K. But what about those who only need the bare minimum for work or study? This is where entry-level processors come into play, and according to leaked information from China, Intel is targeting this market quite aggressively with the Core i3-14100 priced at just 109 euros.

Having covered the high-end and mid-range market and seen their full performance, the most interesting segment for average users or those with low requirements remains. Here, Core i5s will compete with Ryzen 5s, and Core i3s with upcoming Ryzen 3s, which are expected to arrive as APUs. Indeed, AMD will not have it easy.

Intel Core i3-14100: could it be the star CPU of 2024 due to its price?

Looking at what AMD has on the table… it certainly aspires to be. And it won’t be difficult for Intel, at least not until Lisa Su’s company releases their new Zen 4 APUs on the AM5 platform. In fact, AMD’s best product right now was launched in July 2020, over three years ago: the Ryzen 3 4300G, which is on sale along with its younger sibling, the Ryzen 3 4100, precisely because their replacements are coming.

These new processors will be much more competitive, which is why Intel is going all-in, especially with very attractive pricing. In China, a person was caught showing the Core i3-14100 as proof of its existence to a buyer planning to purchase a large volume of CPUs upon their release.

In addition to demonstrating its legitimacy, the leaker also revealed the processor’s specifications and price.

The perfect processor for office work or living room PCs

Without E-Cores like its predecessor i3-13100, the i3-14100 will have only P-Cores: 4 cores with 8 threads, thanks to Hyper-Threading (HT), the same as the CPU it replaces. The L2 cache remains at 5MB, and the L3 cache is unchanged at 12MB. The estimated TDP is 60W, with an MTP of 110W. The key improvement over the i3-13100 lies in the clock speeds.

The i3-14100 features a base frequency of 3.5GHz and a Turbo frequency of up to 4.6GHz. This represents a 100MHz increase in both frequency states, while maintaining the specified power consumption.

The leaker’s version was classified as QS, but the most crucial piece of information was the price of the i3-14100: 850 yuan with taxes included, or around 109 euros. Considering the i3-13100 is priced at 1,100 yuan in China, that’s a 22% price drop, making the Core 14 extremely competitive against the Ryzen 3 8000 series, which is expected to be called the Ryzen 3 8300G.

The article Intel wants to capture the market for cheap CPUs against AMD: Core i3-14100 seen at 109 euros first appeared on El Chapuzas Inform√°tico (The Computer Bumbler).

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