iPhone 15 Pro Enhanced with Vapor Chamber: Boosted Performance and Lower Temperatures Await!

iPhone 15 Pro Enhanced with Vapor Chamber: Boosted Performance and Lower Temperatures Await!

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Modifican un iPhone 15 Pro añadiéndole una Vapor Chamber, ¿el resultado? Dispara el rendimiento y baja la temperatura

Apple has been launching new iPhone models every year, improving certain aspects while worsening others. With the iPhone 15 Pro, we’ve seen that the new A17 Pro chip increases device temperatures to a point where it becomes uncomfortable to use and loses performance. Now, a Chinese content creator has tried modifying the iPhone 15 Pro by adding a vapor chamber, resulting in improved temperatures and no reduction in performance.

When Apple introduced the iPhone 15 and its Pro models, most people were interested in the latter. As usual, the company has placed more emphasis on the Pro and Pro Max variants, giving them several advantages over the standard models. They use a new A17 Pro chip made at 3nm, with higher performance and efficiency, improved camera, and titanium body, among other changes.

Despite the A17 Pro chip in the iPhone 15 Pro being more efficient, it ultimately ended up consuming slightly more power. Combined with a lower nanometer count, this has made cooling more challenging. Indeed, it reaches higher temperatures than the A16 Bionic of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 14 Pro. We saw how its performance was in gaming, one area where temperatures would rise the most. Although games like Call of Duty Mobile and Free Fire worked quite well and smoothly, others like Genshin Impact suffered from constant and annoying FPS drops.

High temperature and thermal throttling seemed to be the issue. To solve this, a Chinese content creator has modified their iPhone 15 Pro by adding a vapor chamber. After this modification, the modified iPhone was tested in Genshin Impact, where it went from having an average of 51.2 FPS to an average of 59.6 FPS, which is approximately a 20% increase.

Performance improved between 10 and 20%

The fact that Genshin Impact can now run without FPS drops is a significant improvement and the expected behavior from the factory, although, unfortunately, this was not the case. After this, the iPhone was put through other benchmarks, such as the well-known AnTuTu, which scored 1,528,521 points for the original iPhone and 1,668,843 points with the vapor chamber-equipped iPhone 15 Pro. We can see that while there are minimal changes in the CPU and RAM, GPU scores improve by around 20%.

Additionally, they have shown a comparison in the Solar Bay Unlimited benchmark. Here, the original iPhone 15 Pro scored 8,848.64 points, while the modified vapor chamber version scored 10,091.11 points, making it a 14% higher score. It is evident that the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max are unable to fully utilize the A17 Pro chip in its current state. The lack of an adequate cooling system has caused performance to be lower than expected. At this point, Apple can only change this with a software update, but it would limit performance to reduce temperature, which isn’t an ideal solution.

The modified iPhone 15 Pro with a vapor chamber substantially improves performance and lowers temperature, showing the potential of this cooling solution.

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