Steam Deck Outshines Nintendo Switch with Over 13,000 Compatible Games

Steam Deck Outshines Nintendo Switch with Over 13,000 Compatible Games

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La Steam Deck supera a la Nintendo Switch: ya tiene más de 13.000 juegos compatibles

Though the Nintendo Switch is currently the only portable console available, there are also consoles with PC hardware in a portable format. The most apparent example is the Steam Deck by Valve, which has excited audiences who have been wanting something like this for years. Thanks to AMD’s APU advancements, this device allows us to play even the most modern games. In fact, the Steam Deck’s catalog is immense, with over 13,000 compatible games, surpassing the Nintendo Switch in this aspect.

When Valve launched the Steam Deck in early 2022, it was a huge success because gamers finally had a portable console with powerful hardware at a much lower price than the competition. In terms of price/performance, the Steam Deck had no rival, as most other brands offered their consoles at double the price or even more. The ability to purchase a 64 GB model and then upgrade it with an SSD allowed for even more savings.

The Steam Deck has 13,106 compatible games on Steam

The Steam Deck’s performance for its price was already impressive, but this was further enhanced by Valve’s excellent support for the console. The company has been dedicated to releasing patches and various improvements for its device. Additionally, they have been testing and verifying games since initially, only a few were directly compatible. This has changed completely; as of today, over 13,000 games are compatible with the Steam Deck on Steam.

According to SteamDB statistics, there are a total of 8,751 games in the “Playable” category, followed by 4,355 “Verified” games, and 3,720 deemed incompatible. However, many of these may be compatible through Proton.

The Nintendo Switch has a total of 10,658 games

Thus, there would be a total of 13,106 Steam games compatible with the Steam Deck, and that’s only counting Valve’s platform. This number doesn’t include games from Epic Games Store,, and other stores. However, Steam hosts the majority of games, so it serves as a reliable indicator. This vast number of games highlights Valve’s excellent work, considering the Steam Deck uses SteamOS based on Linux.

While Linux has never been considered optimal for gaming, SteamOS and Proton have changed that, with some games running better there than on Windows. Furthermore, the Steam Deck has already surpassed the Nintendo Switch in terms of compatible games. Since its launch in 2017, the Switch has just under 11,000 games. To be precise, counting websites list 10,658 games for the Nintendo Switch, while Wikipedia lists 4,534.

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