Unstable Connectivity and Overheating Issues Plague iPhone 15 with iOS 17.2.1 Update

Unstable Connectivity and Overheating Issues Plague iPhone 15 with iOS 17.2.1 Update

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iOS 17.2.1 introdujo nuevos problemas en los iPhone 15: conectividad inestable y sobrecalentamiento

English translation: iOS 17.2.1 debuted a couple of weeks ago on the newest iPhones, and while it was intended to fix issues, the truth is that it has introduced new problems to the iPhone 15.

The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system arrived with important security corrections. However, it’s now known that in other countries, the company indicated initially unannounced improvements. And, of course, the first wave of users started complaining about their iPhone 15’s performance after the update.

Non-‘Pro’ iPhone 15 models overheat with iOS 17.2.1

Perhaps the most interesting part is that while Apple fixed some serious issues like significant battery drainage, some users continue to complain about this problem. To make matters worse, iOS 17.2.1 seems to have added connectivity problems to the iPhones. Specifically, some users can’t connect to their wireless network providers after the update. The issue is present in various iPhone models, and Apple has not yet released a solution.

It’s worth noting that Apple launched iOS 17.2.1 with important bug fixes mentioned in the release notes. However, in China and Japan, the release notes for the same update stated that it “addresses an issue that may cause the battery to drain more quickly.” Since the update has the same build number, it’s logical to assume that iOS 17.2.1 fixed battery issues worldwide. Nonetheless, this may not be the case, considering the new reported issues related to connectivity and, yes, the return of overheating problems.

Through Wccftech, we know it’s on the Apple support community where users began to complain about their iPhone’s mobile connectivity after the iOS 17.2.1 update.

“After updating my iPhone to iOS 17.2.1 last night, I can no longer connect to my network provider. I tried restarting, and it’s still not working. It’s very frustrating. I trusted Apple and the iPhone for years; now, I’m not so sure anymore.”

A “patch” to the connectivity problems could be restoring all mobile network settings. However, a more complicated issue to resolve is fixing the thermal problems these iPhone 15 models now suffer. The iPhone 15 Pro models experienced many overheating issues that weren’t fixed until iOS 17.0.3. Now, it’s the less powerful models that have inherited this problem.

iOS 17 is causing so many issues that it’s delaying the release of iOS 18

After this new update, it’s clear that for Apple, iOS 17 is proving to be a headache since its debut. While the company wanted to move on to iOS 18 to try to “clean up” its image, it seems that this move will take longer to arrive. It won’t be until after the holiday season that Apple releases an iOS 17.3 beta version to fix these and any other existing issues.

All these patches and fixes have forced Apple to stop working on iOS 18. Apple is focusing all its resources on solving current problems before considering adding new features with iOS 18 next year.

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