X Recommends their Premium+ Subscription: Get Your Own AI and Boost Your Recognition for just €203 per Year

X Recommends their Premium+ Subscription: Get Your Own AI and Boost Your Recognition for just €203 per Year

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X te recomienda su suscripción X Premium+: 203€ al año para tener su IA y más notoriedad

It is well-known that just over a month ago, X (Twitter) announced two new subscription levels for its platform: Basic and Premium+. Now, the company has started showing users a small banner recommending that they upgrade to the more advanced subscription. As expected, the company has stacked numerous benefits to entice users to sign up for this subscription.

In summary, X Premium+ is justified by the addition of exclusive features, removing all traces of advertising, and even providing increased prominence. This means that when responding to other users, it will be easier for your comment to appear above those of other users.

The X Premium+ subscription offers the following for 203 euros a year: the main attraction is access to their chatbot Grok, the removal of ads, and increased prominence. The subscription also allows you to write even longer tweets with other benefits being the same as those offered by X Premium (not +), which debuted earlier this year as Twitter Blue, priced at 102 euros per year.

For 102 euros a year, this subscription will show half the existing ads and allow you to write longer messages. Additional features include being able to edit messages, post longer videos, have background video playback, or download videos. Content creators must pay this subscription to receive money for generated interactions and subscriptions. Subscribers will also gain access to detailed analytics about their account’s interaction with other users on the platform.

The differences are few, making it clear that the main incentives are increased prominence and chatbot use.

What is the Grok chatbot?

In short, it is Elon Musk’s own ChatGPT. However, it is created by xAI, Musk’s new company that joins other renowned companies like Tesla, SpaceX, or Neuralink. xAI aims to compete against OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT. To achieve this, Musk’s latest acquisition was to purchase 10,000 NVIDIA GPUs to advance his AI training.

As of the last update, the Grok chatbot is in beta testing. Therefore, only a small and select group of users will be able to use this chatbot. Elon Musk has said that once the beta phase is over, the Grok AI chatbot created by xAI will be available to all Premium+ users of X.

At the time of writing, accessing Grok requires an X account with a Premium+ subscription. However, it is also noted that “participation in the early access program is currently limited to verified users.”

This article about X recommending its X Premium+ subscription: 203€ per year to have its AI and more prominence first appeared on El Chapuzas Informático (The Computer Bodge).

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