ZOWIE U2: The Ultimate Wireless Mouse Designed Exclusively for eSports Enthusiasts

ZOWIE U2: The Ultimate Wireless Mouse Designed Exclusively for eSports Enthusiasts

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ZOWIE U2: un ratón inalámbrico enfocado únicamente a los eSports

BenQ’s gaming brand, ZOWIE, announced its new top-of-the-line eSports mouse, the ZOWIE U2. This mouse boasts a completely wireless design, eliminating the friction and extra weight of moving a cable while playing—even if it includes the classic braided nylon cable to reduce friction with the table or mouse pad.

ZOWIE, BenQ’s professional eSports equipment brand, is proud to announce the U2 wireless eSports mouse with a completely new shape, developed through cutting-edge sports science research and development to meet the demands of competitive gamers.

The ZOWIE U2 eSports mouse offers the following:

In terms of design, don’t expect frills. The ZOWIE U2 is quite basic and provides the essentials: right and left click, scroll wheel, and two side buttons. It is designed to be practical, comfortable, and lightweight. Although it could be summed up as a fairly simple design, it evidently has a purpose. BenQ’s research indicates that after numerous prototypes, this design is the pinnacle of comfort to achieve high levels of performance.

At ZOWIE, every new shape undergoes meticulous research. Thorough qualitative interviews and usability tests of prototypes are conducted before the launch of each product. By leveraging sports science experiments, the team can objectively evaluate various design proposals. ZOWIE believes that designs based on qualitative and quantitative data enable players to achieve higher levels of performance.

Thus, the ZOWIE U2 offers a distinctive inward-curved design on both sides. According to the company, this design is intended for gamers who prioritize agility in multi-angle movements. Moreover, the U2 features an improved receiver for greater wireless signal stability and plug-and-play comfort. It also includes redesigned Teflon feet for a top-notch sliding experience.

In terms of specifications:

Interestingly, everything about the ZOWIE U2 revolves around its design, as the hardware offers just what is needed. It includes a PixArt 3395 optical sensor that can be configured up to 3,200 DPI with a 1,000 Hz polling rate. Regarding connectivity, don’t expect any frills or low-latency technology. It uses a standard 2.4 GHz connection, while its battery boasts up to 70 hours of autonomy.

The mouse is medium-sized and weighs 60 grams. That’s the information about the hardware. The focus is on a more natural design for a good grip. Even details like hand position, avoiding unnecessary muscle strain, and the angle your finger makes when pressing the button have been considered. Everything is measured for excellent performance while ensuring that the hand is not forced into strange or strenuous positions, reducing fatigue.

The ZOWIE U2: a wireless mouse focused solely on eSports was first featured on El Chapuzas Informático.

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