samsung galaxy s8 coming soon, new features

The Galaxy S8 is Coming

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samsung galaxy s8 coming soon, new features

Soo, Samsung has been having a bad last year; the S7 exploding, & the washing machines exploding. A rough turn of events for the South Korean consumer electronic giant.

But they are chugging along to make 2018 the come-back year for their mobile devices. Their flagship S8 & S8+ is supposedly going to be a phone that will distinguish them from their competitors.

The S8 & S8 + home button will be removed, making the cell phone an all-screen device limiting the bezel interaction, and keeping size of phone relatively standard to current phones.

The S8 screen will be 5.8 inches – iPhone 7 has 4.7 inch screen. The S8+ will be sporting a 6.2 inch screen, much greater the iPhone 7 Plus’ 5.5 glass plate.

Along with more screen realty the phone will be equipped with WQHD+ resolution, which means 2960 x 2400 pixels.

Both devices will have a Super AMOLED curve screen design.

Now you’ll be able to open the devices with an Iris scanner – cool!

Front camera will have a 8 megapixel lens (which will work great in low-light conditions), and back camera will have a 12 MP dual camera.

Samsung’s new Galaxy devices will integrate a brilliant new component that enables users to connect them into a dock to request to control another desktop functions. At the point when linked with a screen, users will have the capacity to run Android applications on the extra large screen and multitask to their satisfaction.

The Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be be powered by a cutting-edge 10nm processors. More bang coming out of these phones.

Expect more announcements as we get closer to release date.

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