Nintendo Switch 2 with NVIDIA DLSS could reach up to 1440p for the ultimate gaming experience

Nintendo Switch 2 with NVIDIA DLSS could reach up to 1440p for the ultimate gaming experience

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La Nintendo Switch 2 con NVIDIA DLSS alcanzaría los 1440p en el mejor de los casos

More rumors continue to emerge about the Nintendo Switch 2, this time focusing on NVIDIA’s scaling technology, the well-known DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) along with DLA (Deep Learning Accelerator). Specifically, NVIDIA sees a strong partnership with Nintendo to leverage DLSS technology for enhanced visual quality when connecting their console to a monitor or television. However, the technology may not live up to everyone’s expectations.

As reported by Digital Foundry, the main issue is that NVIDIA DLSS will not be supported by the additional DLA technology. This independent engine is responsible for accelerating AI calculations. The reason for this is tied to Nintendo’s costs in developing the new console. Essentially, to save costs, the use of this engine designed for full hardware acceleration of convolutional neural networks will be avoided. This means that the NVIDIA DLSS will not be able to deliver the high visual quality and significant performance improvement that it is known for.

A Nintendo Switch 2 without DLA for DLSS would prevent it from reaching 4K resolution

According to reports, the Switch 2’s T239 GPU is expected not to feature DLSS with this deep learning accelerator (DLA). This implies that the console would struggle to achieve an upscaled 4K resolution. Now, following this news, rumors suggest settling for upscaling to 1080p and, at best, 1440p in lucky cases “depending on the game.” Of course, recent rumors also considered a Tegra T254 SoC, so surprises may still be in store.

It should be noted that previous rumors indicated that the Nintendo Switch 2 would use a customized NVIDIA DLSS.

“There were doubts about the cost of DLSS and whether Nintendo would include a deep learning accelerator similar to that in the T234 GPU, which would make DLSS ‘free’ or at least much less computationally expensive,” said Richard Leadbetter, founder of Digital Foundry.

“I’ve received information from sources saying there is no DLA in the T239, which would significantly limit the viability of DLSS. [Speaking of limitations] upscaling to 1080p, possibly 1440p if you’re lucky, depending on the game.”

Thus, it seems that 4K graphics are vanishing. There might be some 4K appeal when considering backward-compatible or less-demanding games. However, for next-generation titles, it appears that the Nintendo console, set to arrive in late 2024 with 2025 just around the corner, would be unable to handle something as basic as running games at a 4K resolution. While it is a portable console, it is evident that 4K is essential for a better gaming experience, especially when connecting the console to large screens.

The headline “Nintendo Switch 2 with NVIDIA DLSS would reach 1440p at best” first appears on the El Chapuzas Informático website.

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