ZTE K70 Tablet, Dual Sim Tablet

ZTE K70 Dual Sim Tablet has FCC Backing

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ZTE, probably one of the most famous or should I say well-known, Chinese manufacturers that are consistently pushing their mobile handsets for worldwide consumption are jumping into a new device platform for the US market: Dual Sim tablets.

The ZTE K70 tablet, if scheduling, production and planets are aligned, will be the first ZTE Dual Sim tablet in the US market in the next year.

The ZTE K70 Dual Sim tablet’s specs seems to be courting a 7.5 inches and 4.5 inches wide. On the front a light sensor and camera, with the ubiquitous bottom buttons. FCC filings don’t say much about the tablet other than images and scaling, so our information is scarce.

We are guessing this is a mid-range device, probably with a $250-$300 price tag.

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